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a euphenism for fuck. when you're around people who hate swearing.
What the fish is that doing there?
I hate that lousy fu...fisher. Erm...
What the FISH??
by Lolli Queen September 06, 2005
Someone who kisses the same way a fish breathes, this usually means not well, also causing the the guy to "fish" for the other persons tongue.
"Dude look at that guy over there, he's such a fish."
by J.1 May 11, 2010
An execeptionally feminine, homosexual man.
Malik: Girl! Look at that fish in the brown leather pants and skin tight, silk cowboy shirt!

D-kwon: Ooh! That is a lot of fish!
by James St.. James February 03, 2010
ryan elliot
ryan elliot is a fish
by capsvsleafs November 25, 2009
A Term Used When Smoking Joints That Indicates The Current Smoker Is Ready To Pass.
When the smoker says fish the first person to say fish gets the joint
Stoner 1: "Fish!!"
Stoner 2: "Fish, Fish"
Stoner 3: Im Far To Stoned For This Shit!!!!
by Pybong April 23, 2009
Female I Should Hump. A really hot chick that you want to have sexual relations with. I girl that could be a supermodel, a celebrity, that chick you had sex with last night, or just about any hottie that you could consider for intercourse. It also falls back on the age old game of fishin' on the beach with a football for hot ladies to talk to.
Man whats up with that fish you're datin.

Have you totally hit that fish yet.

Lets go fishin' for some fish.

See that fish over there, I've had her twice.
by jwallace April 04, 2008
A terrible poker player who ruins the game for everyone by playing almost every hand and getting lucky cards.
I know this fish who called an all-in with 7-2 offsuit and beat A-K because he got two 7's on the flop.
by SD_fan February 05, 2008
An insult/slang term for an Asian person, typically Japanese or Chinese. It is a slang stemming from the asian penchant to eat sushi and other types of seafood in great quantity, which often leaves a seafood odor.
"Shut up you stupid Fish."
"I don't date Fish girls."
by Raab Gotti November 29, 2007