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When a girl is jerking you off to the point of ejaculation but right before you do the deed, she lets go and backs off. Sad, I know.
Last night after everyone passed out and she started jerkin me off but she stopped right before I came.. Damnit! I hate getting firehosed!!!
by The Kid4444 April 17, 2014
When having sex, and about to bust nut, you pull out and explode your semen all over her body, as if you had just shot her with a firehose.
"I was fucking this girl last night and she said that I could finish anywhere so at the last second I pulled out and firehosed her in the face
by Firehoser March 30, 2014
When you ejaculate while your penis is not erect causing the penis to flop around like a fire hose that someone let go of.
Guy1: Did you see Katy last night?
Guy2: Yeah, she looked so hot I fire-hosed in my pants!
by thefireman May 02, 2015

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