When you're fucking a chick and right before you cum you light her bush on fire a jizz on it to put it out.
Damn man after i gave that girl a firefighter my house smelt like shit.
by Da Pimpest November 21, 2010
can refer to either a) Engine-guy; or b)Truckie
a) Engineman- Firefighter who puts out the fire using hand lines and aggressive interior fire attack techniques.
b) Truckie- Person who assists the real Firefighters
Person A: Those Firefighters are going into the building with the hose!
Person B: Yes, those are Engine-gys who are going to put out the fire.
Person A: Those Firefighters are cutting a hole in the roof!
Person B: We call those Truckies.
Person A: I know why the Engine-guys are using the hose, but why are the Truckies cutting a hole in the roof?
Person B: That's so they can look in and see what the real Firefighters are doing.
by klk6056 March 30, 2008
A male who wants to have sex with a female with red/orange pubis hairs. The female would be the fire. Like a fire crotch because she has red/orange hair. The Fighter would be the male trying to bag the female. The hose would be his penis, along with the water his manly juices. It all makes sense, fire fighter!
"Mark wants to be a fire fighter tonight"
"didnt he get enough yellow fever last night to hold him off?!"

"Dude that chics FIRE"
"It's fighting time."
by B.Parks September 20, 2007
Pre-ejaculation, the male lights his female partners pubic hairs on fire, yells out "firefighter," then extinguishes the fumes with his very own man juice.
Josie's pubes were nearly scorched off performing the firefighter with her lover.
by TheDesignatedHitter March 22, 2005
A firefighter is a person who trys to come up with a solution to a flame war that occurs between two or more people in an internet forum.
"wow jon good thing we have a firefighter in this forum cause if we didn't there would be no end to our debates."

"why do we have a firefighter in this forum? He'll never change my opinion"
by Perrin August 30, 2006
When man encounters a red head and beds hers. While boning her he realizes she is a firecrotch and quickly pulls out a shovel and extinguishes the fire, killing her.

"Dude I pulled a firefighter last night."

Other guy: "Good, one last firecrotch on the planet."
by mufasa dog April 21, 2008
2 Basic Types

Truckies - A firefighter who goes into a fire before the engine crew without any water and search for victims when the fire is the hottest and the smoke is the darkest.

Engine Bitches - A "firefighter" that goes into a fire after truck has vented and puts water on the fire.
Laura: What do you do for a living?

Nick: I'm a firefighter.

Laura: Wow, so you're a firefighter... have you ever saved a life?

Dave: No, Truckies save people. Hes an Engine bitch, he won't go in without his hose incase he gets in trouble.

Laura: Oh... Are you a truckie?

Dave: Oh yeah.

Laura: Dave, wanna lick whipped cream off my naked body?

Dave: later Nick...
by Dave March 24, 2005

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