a blunt consisting of 3 different types of pot,that are put in a row in a blunt so as to resemble a firecracker Popsicle it originated in the middle of Pennsylvania
yo last week we got some sour d, kush, and blue berry haze and rolled up a fire cracker.
by thomas vita May 16, 2008
Top Definition
A snack made with crackers, peanut butter, and marijuana. Basically, it's peanut butter and weed sandwiched between two crackers, then baked.
We made firecrackers at the party last night, they were great!
by Tyler November 16, 2004
Peanut butter crackers with weed baked in them.
Dude, we made a batch of firecrackers yesterday. WE'RE GOING TO GET ABSOLUTELY BAKED.
by Johnzurek May 03, 2005
1. frequently used to describe women who are not afraid to speak their mind, and will often do so at the behest of others.

2. one who is exciting, unpredictable, tough, hard-nosed, and free living. (could be male or female)

firecracker t may or may not be used as a derogatory term, depending on the tone and speaker.
Jane: I really think we should reconsider what we're doing here, look at these figures...
Boss: Jane, you're such a firecracker!

Hillary Clinton is such a firecracker.

Tammy was such a firecracker, I thought, "Wow, this woman is terrific! She'll keep the fire burning under these guys!"
by jamaicaqueens December 15, 2005
1)someone who is bold, sassy, free spirited, and often has explosions of energy
2)attacks with excitment
Billie is such a firecracker, when she walked in the room the party began!
by billbrunk February 17, 2008
an explosive firework, fun to play with. Many brands. Black Cat, Thunder Bomb, Shogun, etc.
Firecrackers make noise that annoys people
by schwag July 19, 2004
A fiery seductress, strong willed, romantic, passionate, sexy, confident, shy, beautiful, exciting, temptress
My red headed girlfriend whiskey, is a firecracker.
by mooncricket17 April 21, 2015
A woman who, not unlike an M-80 firecracker that one might buy under-the-counter from a Chinatown store, explodes with loud noises during orgasm. Typically used in the context of a woman for whom such a response might be unexpected, either from the sex leading up to it or her outwardly prudish demeanour.
Friend: You wanna bone Caroline? WTF dude... not only is she a Bible Studies leader, she also wears a purity ring.

Me: Yeah, and I bet she's a total firecracker.
by faustus August 29, 2014
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