Cunnigulus until reaching orgasm, female oral sex during menstruation and exchange of fluids from partner to partner (esp. blood)
She gives a good fireball
by Jason February 26, 2003
a fireball is when I am on the toilet finally to relieve myself after a lot of "ow my ass's" and the dook shoots out of my butt, surprising me. Almost like a cannonball, but it fires out.. Excited a little, I look after it has made a jet hit and land to expect a sort of dynamic shape to it. Instead it is a rather mishaped dook in the shape of fire and pieces whisking from the side. Travels about 15mph.
I am having a hard time going to the bathroom lately, so if I command myself to make a fireball it does just the trick, besides drinking cranberry juice anyways.
by princesscowgirl September 27, 2010
a dare you have to do
i fireball you to go out to dinner with that rish kid
by MissBehavin666 October 12, 2003
A sexual maneuver where someone eats hella lot of mad spicy food and lets it brew for a while then proceeds to take a long runny wet dump into someone else's mouth
"You dat ho got FIREBALLED totaally last night braskyaaaaaa!"
by THE BEST FROM THE WEST July 26, 2008
A totally wothless person. Someone with no ambition.
Yeah, she's a real fireball.
by know the toe September 19, 2003

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