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Another word for a fart
by co45l1998 April 22, 2011
A slang tearm used when an angry female, during menstration, pulls out her bloody tampon and throws it at another person's face.
When Betty got mad at her mom for sleeping with Betty's boyfriend she threw a fireball which landed right between her mom's eyes.
by Stymie B January 23, 2007
lighting your farts
by cream of some yung.. January 26, 2003
Canonical arcane damage spell in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It's far better (i.e. more damage) than magic missile, but requires a higher level wizard to cast it.
Al-Kazak Elam the Wizard: I cast fireball on the orcs.

Lord Kropotkin the Paladin (engaged in close hand-to-hand combat with said orcs): Wait, no---!


Fried paladin a la orc!
by frostknave July 27, 2009
Cunnigulus until reaching orgasm, female oral sex during menstruation and exchange of fluids from partner to partner (esp. blood)
She gives a good fireball
by Jason February 26, 2003
a fireball is when I am on the toilet finally to relieve myself after a lot of "ow my ass's" and the dook shoots out of my butt, surprising me. Almost like a cannonball, but it fires out.. Excited a little, I look after it has made a jet hit and land to expect a sort of dynamic shape to it. Instead it is a rather mishaped dook in the shape of fire and pieces whisking from the side. Travels about 15mph.
I am having a hard time going to the bathroom lately, so if I command myself to make a fireball it does just the trick, besides drinking cranberry juice anyways.
by princesscowgirl September 27, 2010
a dare you have to do
i fireball you to go out to dinner with that rish kid
by MissBehavin666 October 12, 2003