a boy (usually jewish) who has red hair, lots of freckles, and red pubic hair
Oh look at that kid, he has mad fireballs.
by mperrs January 30, 2005
The popular locker room gag of putting Tiger Balm (or some other heat inducing ointment) into someone's athletic supporter. The ensuing extreme discomfort of the victim can be quite hilarious.
Back in high school, my friends and I laughed all day long after giving a fireball to some jerk who always hassled the retarded kids. Seeing him stagger around the locker room, grabbing his dick and screaming "My balls, my fuckin' balls!" was priceless.
by Dan Chen November 01, 2003
1.When a redheaded person charges you at full speed.

2.A hyperactive Ginger.
"It was scary when that ginger kid ran at me, he looked like a fireball!"

"How can he dance like that for so long? That dude's a fireball!
by OVERSOUL June 27, 2011
Another word for a fart
by co45l1998 April 22, 2011
Canonical arcane damage spell in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. It's far better (i.e. more damage) than magic missile, but requires a higher level wizard to cast it.
Al-Kazak Elam the Wizard: I cast fireball on the orcs.

Lord Kropotkin the Paladin (engaged in close hand-to-hand combat with said orcs): Wait, no---!


Fried paladin a la orc!
by frostknave July 27, 2009
A slang tearm used when an angry female, during menstration, pulls out her bloody tampon and throws it at another person's face.
When Betty got mad at her mom for sleeping with Betty's boyfriend she threw a fireball which landed right between her mom's eyes.
by Stymie B January 23, 2007
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