Firday is a term used for describing the hindmost weekday of every week, wherein interested parties pay their respect to pine trees - most notably the Balsam and Fraser Fir. Bekka is also wrong, but I digress.
Me - "Man, so keen to get my Firday celebrations underway!"

Bekka - "L0L UR DUM ITZ 'FRIDAY'."

Me - "Have some respect for Balsam the Almighty, you heathen scum!"
by Iloveworshippingtreegods May 19, 2011
Top Definition
Day of the week dedicated to pine trees.
Svenn: You heading down to Ikea tonight?

Erik: Nah son, I'm waiting til firday so I can get my pine on.
by bob the angry shanker February 18, 2011
Another name for Friday, the last day of the working week. Called this because Friday is the day for chasing fur (see definition by tdogg).
D-Mac: Hey Stevo, glad it's firday?
Stevo: You know I am. Going to the 'stang tonight?
D-Mac: Nah, last time I went there I got too hammered and lost my camera phoney.
by D-Mac November 07, 2004
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