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It's Italian for pickle pumper, gayzo or fag.
I knew he was a finnochio when he pulled the peppermill out of his buttocks.
by Paulie Mootzadell December 09, 2006
Literally, the Italian word for fennel. Colloquially, it means a gay person in the same pejorative sense as fag or faggot. As a literary sidelight, when Prometheus stole fire from the gods to give to man, he hid it in a fennel stalk.
"You think he's straight?"

"Nah. A guy that cute is always finnochio."
by fugitive October 01, 2004
A finnlander who lies about how large his cock grows
Mika claims he's got a 12 inch cock but Anja says he is a total finnochio.
by Finnishnawbee November 04, 2013