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an atlanta term, meaning about to do a task.
bob-hurry up with my milkshake
jenny-i'm finning to nigga
by jamaicanchic91 February 11, 2006
Finning is when a person excessively gets mad over a simple subject. It usually results in the throwing or tipping over of the nearest object.

The word and definition is derived from "Fin", a nickname of school mate that would get mad over the simplest thing and go completely nuts for about ten seconds.
Danna and Cristian are at lunch.
Danna: Cristian, you are so stupid!
Cristian: (breathing heavily)
*picks up banana and throws it at Danna*
Danna: OMG! Cristian, stop finning!
by MO'NASTY January 05, 2012
Another word for male masturbation. Inspired by Finn Hudson from the Fox show Glee.
Rachel: Where's Finn?
Puck: Probably out Finning himself again... What a pathetic dude.
by Oh_juice October 10, 2010
Used to describe political actions done by a person
If you don't vote, i dont wanna be hearing you bitch about who's finning our city,state, or country
by veekz September 02, 2010
Finning is the act of inserting one's nose into the female genitalia and inhaling deeply, resulting in the snorting of the vaginal fluid with the end result of gargling and swallowing.
"Yeah so how did it go last night?"

"Oh it was great i ended up finning her"

by Captain Gillez February 19, 2009
masterbating; jerking off.
Yo, I was finning to this great porn last night and my brother walked in the room and my chubby shrunk!
by mdog123 January 29, 2007
Finning is the act of sticking a finn shaped object into the female genitalia and then wiggling or flopping around like a finn normally would. This can be accomplished by making your hand into the shape of a finn, or using an actual finn of some type, which is much more rare. Either way, this is a legendary move that will surely change the girl's life forever.
"How did it go with that girl last night?"

"Awesome. I ended up Finning her. Her life will never be the same."

by EE-money December 28, 2015
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