Someone who ditches their friends for a less noble cause.
He is known to fink on us for his girlfriend.
by Kwylee July 07, 2005
A gay slang term for a fat twink.
Dude Kyle isn't a twink he's a fink
by mmq5f5 August 30, 2011
(verb) To Finger Fuck. A combination of the words "Finger" and "Fuck".
"Did you fink my girl in Europe?"
by come at me bro May 12, 2010
An illiterate pronunciation of the word "Think". Usually, someone of low socio economic background tend to use the letter "F" in all words spelt the letters "TH". There are also other words which are commonly used by such people. (Bruva)= Brother,(Wiv)= With. The list goes on.
Wat are ya finkin bout? Me bruva finks you feeved his holden an vat. Viss is heaps good ahy.
by finker September 29, 2006
dirty bastard
"Dump your fink of a boyfriend!"
by Beans October 01, 2003
Synonymous to 'fuck'
"You wish you could fink a girl."

"Getting a girl to be down to fink is pretty damn hard."

"Fink you, man. You stole my last 6 dollars from the cabin for goldbond."
by pqki February 01, 2012
Combination of Foot and Stink. A horrible odor coming from a foot.
Boy 1: Smell the wrath of my Fink!!!
boy 2: -dies-
by Awesome-Tori W. September 05, 2011

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