A person who goes to the authorities and tattles on another person.

A tattler.

A snitch.

A stoolie.

A canary.

A squealer.

In short, a person beneath contempt.
Martha is a contemptable fink. She is the boss's eyes and ears, and reports people who come back from lunch 2 minutes late.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 24, 2007
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A rat, a snitch, an informer, a stoolie. The very lowest form of human scum, except a tax collector.
Little Ernie is a fink. He ratted on Big Giulio's plan to heist the ice.
by Bumkicker Slade April 30, 2005
1) A bastard, in the figurative sense. Good word to know if you're in a situation in which it wouldn't be smart to actually say "bastard."

2) A treacherous person.
"Your brother's been back-biting me again. One of these days, I'll deck that little fink!"
by Qit January 13, 2004
1. a strikebreaker
2. an informer
1. (with "out") quit; give up; let down
2. (with "on") inform against
"You're such a fink-- I can't believe you finked out by finking on me!"
by nameless schmuck July 09, 2003
To snitch on someone or a group of people.
"He's probably in the headmaster's office right now, finking on us!"
by pyro1337 June 11, 2007
1. An informant or snitch

2. Something old people call you when you offend their delicate sensibilities
Youthful Individual: "The Baby Boomer generation ruined subsequent generations with their uneducated and apathetic view towards child rearing".

Venerable Old Man: "You fink! I'll beat you with my dialysis machine if I ever find a way out of this bed!"
by juxtapose519 May 30, 2010
(1)someone who tells on a person for no reason at all.
(2) A slang term used in the 1960's of some one who is very unpleasent
(3) A company spy
That fink Joni justed finked on me to the boss! I'm gonig to get payback on that fink!
by bigg3469 March 26, 2009
When someone acts faggoty, evasive, secretive, hostile and sneaky, they are a Fink. This is someone you don't want to associate with, but you don't want to fuck with either. Finks are known to be sly, deceptive, and powerful in certain ways. If there was a zombie apocalypse, a fink would be the smartest, strongest, faggiest zombie. If there were a zombie apocalypse however, you would want to find a human fink to be on your side so you don't get finked in the ass.
Jesus H Christ Kevin, you are such a fucking fink when we play NHL. Next time you fink out I'm going to put our a cigarette on your fucking forehead.
by cjh949383282132312351 October 23, 2011

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