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Latin for "finish" or "end." It's the last chapter in the Cambridge Latin 1 books. The book teaches Latin by using little fucking boring ass stories about a family who lives in ancient Pompeii. Unfortunately, by the time you get to "finis," you actually give a rat's ass about the people as characters, but this is the chapter where everybody fucking dies because of Mt. Vesuvius's eruption. Fucking assholes making me care.
-Hey, do you guys use the same books as us?
--I think so, we're up to the part about the ghost.
by David Bumpass June 23, 2007
I am going to punch you in the face.
1. Rob Fini, I am going to punch you in the face.
2. I'll do it Fini.
by Dan Podheiser March 11, 2005
fini- Ancient Roman which was slang translates to "the point of sexual release" in the literal sense but is more equivalent to todays slang "cumming"

Almost exclusively used as part of the famous "Fini Titi Ficki" quote

See Also "Fini Titi Ficki"
Caesar's dressing is "fini" all over his salad.
by white man cant swim either February 08, 2011
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