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To fingerbang a girl when she's on the rag.
"To finger paint is not a sin / I put my middle finger in / your monthly blood is what I win..." - Keidis
by Totakeke May 31, 2005
to finger a female when she has her period.
she had blood coming out of her vagina, it was like fingerpainting.
by Ebedeee October 05, 2003
To finger fuck a blobbing biatch - useful if you have a taste for jam (see jam eater/s), or if you have run out of teabags and Dracula is coming for tea (see Vampires teabag)
"...To finger paint is not a sin,
I put my middle finger in,
your monthly blood is what I win,
I'm in your house now let me spin..."
From RHCP's Purple Stain (Californication, 1999 Warner Bros)
by Mr Blobby October 11, 2004
paint for your fingers what else????????
person 1~ I love fingerpaint

person 2~ ya its awesome<3
by anne onymouse February 08, 2015
The act of wiping your fingers on a girls back or legs, after you have been finger banging her.
Sarah, was enjoying me finger banging her so much, that she got really wet. I had no choice but to wipe my fingers on her back. So I finger painted my name on her back....
by FingerXpress January 12, 2011
the act of dipping your penis in ink and slapping the face of the victim
talk to me like that again and we'll go finger paint in the closet
by uncle gleno November 08, 2009
To put your fingers up a female's vagina to make her orgasm.
Did you finger paint?
by Carmina September 06, 2006

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