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Finger painting in the gay community is when you finger your partner's asshole, then use the excrement on your finger to paint a picture on your partner's body.
Joseph did a finger painting on me last night. It was truly a work of art.
by PyroPeephole December 10, 2010
code word for smoking pot
Lets fingerpaint tonight.
by Jen March 29, 2003
After anal sex, the female takes a giant dump on the males back, and smears it down creating a smooth layout. The female then writes her full name using her finger with the shit that is on the males back.
Mary took a shit on my back, and left her trademark finger painting.
by Dene V April 03, 2008
Take a shit on a guy or girls face and smear the shit around with your penis head.
Dude last night my girl was getting me pissed off so i finger painted all over her face.
by mill dew May 10, 2005