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to finger a virgin vagina or anus. like popping a cherry, but with a finger.

to finger pop with more than one finger is also acceptable.
"it was my birthday, so the stewardess gave me a finger popping."

"i finger popped that bitch but she was like, damn, if you're just gonna stop there... so i fucked the shit outta her."
by lou barlow March 01, 2005
Finger pop is the act of popping your finger into a woman's snatch. It is employed by teens on a "car date" or by anyone who is trying to gain entry to the vagina. Finger popping is begun with the FINGER POP. It is also utilized to get the initial wetness and odor of a snatch.
Christine was good to go when she accepted the finger pop from Ed.
by eddie Jude May 13, 2010
noun: a douchebag troll on the internet
Yeah, that guy was acting like a real finger pop on the board last night.
by The Midlothian Mindflayer November 30, 2009
the sound made when one pulls out a finger from a vagina or anus
after i got done finger fucking her, that pussy went POP!
by lou barlow March 01, 2005
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