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A phrase used by current and ex girlfriends after you yell at them for something they're clearly wrong about.

Used as a cop out, but totally works.

For maximum effectiveness, it should be the only sentence your girlfriend uses to rebut.
Frustrated Boyfriend- "Baby! You can't keep doing this to me, eventually I'll leave you!"

Girlfriend- "And that's fine."

Frustrated Boyfriend- "I'm going to the bar with my boys to creep on some girls!"

Girlfriend- "And that's fine."
by Frustration November 02, 2011
term adapted mainly by the gay community to basically mean "ok" in a sarcastic kind of way. Usually followed by "and it is"
Girl #1-Hey i want to go out with you to eat tonight.
Girl #2-No i cant im going out with crystal tonight.
Girl #1-And thats fine
Girl #2- And it is
by DatGirlJ March 06, 2009
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