Top Definition
A type sandwich from McDonald's.
I would like the Fillet-o-Fish Meal, please.
by Gina R April 13, 2006
A mmmmmm... good piece of smelly pussy. Lick It UP
Oh man I ate Maggie's fillet-o-fish last night... damn she was like tuna fish.
by Bl0wMyHe4d June 25, 2006
1: A stoner sandwitch containing a fish like square patty that can be bought for a buck for Mc Donalds.
stoner 1: Fillet-o-fish, im hungry
by TalonIX April 25, 2006
girl on girl action likesss.
louise bent penny over last nyt and her poonanii fell of.
whilst the clit fell n droped on the floor. Then penny slapped it off louise's mouth. and she sucked it up like noddles and stiched it back on for her.
the reson she onyl has 1 fillet-o-fish,it was sexy like propa.
by robssaaa February 29, 2008
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