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Synonym for "nurse" (Southern Californian English and other related dialects).
Patient: I think I need more pain medication

Patient's companion: Do you want me to get the Filipino lady?

Patient: Yes.
by FlipRN January 20, 2011
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1) people coming from, were born in, or are citizens of, the Philippines
general characteristics are:
-flat noses
-brown skin
-black/dark brown hair
-around 4-6 feet in height
-hard workers
-a love for foreign brands (a.k.a colonial mentality)
-strong feeling of camaraderie (a.k.a bayanihan)
-if they call themselves "PINOY", it means they are filipino.
-over-dramatic acting
-weird soap operas
-versions of popular foreign tv shows are often popularized.
(ex. Deal or No Deal, Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader (kakasa ka ba sa grade 5?), Survivor, Don't Forget The Lyrics (the singing bee, k!), Jeopardy (Game K N B?))
-good at cooking
-has relatives aspiring to work abroad

2) the OFFICIAL language of the Philippines,
(the filipino word for the language=pilipino, and the nationality=filipino)
that uses an alphabet comprising of originally 20 letters,
but 8 'hiram na letra' or 'borrowed letters' have been
added, namely, C, F, J, ñ, Q, V, and X.

3) for us sadly bored students of the Philippines, it is also a subject, feared and almost as hated as Math. ;_; a small percent of us actually fail at it.

Pinoy- filipino person/s

OFW- Overseas Filipino Workers

People Power- the nick for the first ever peaceful revolution

GMA- Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, president (as of 2008), corrupt, and generally hated

Manny Pacquiao- boxing champion

jeep/dyip/jeepneys- a sort of popular public transport (google it)

Taglish- a mix of english and tagalog, often spoken by EVERYONE in the Philippines.

filipino girl- "Mama, punta lang ako sa mall, ha? I'll be back mamaya-maya."

(Mom, i'm just going to the mall, ok? I'll be back later.)

by animeragon September 16, 2008
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A native of the Philippines, so called in honour of Spanish king Philip II. Filipinos are notorious for being the only Hispanics in Asia. Family-oriented people, they are fond of fiestas, church-going and commercial centers. They speak Malay languages mixed with an awful lot of Spanish words. They like dancing Iberian dances, as the jota, and eat lechón, mechado, arroz caldo, pan de sal and many more Spanish delicacies. Filipinos shock their Spanish brethren from Spain and America for not being able to speak Spanish.Instead, they try to converse with them in broken English, a language that most Hispanics totally ignore. Filipinos have Spanish names and surnames, although many of them seem to ignore that fact. They are fond of Spanish diminutives to call themselves, as Lito, Pilita, Solita, Conchín, Tato, Manín, Cory, Luli, and many more. Although the Philippines enjoyed a wonderful architectural Spanish heritage, everything was destroyed by the Americans, so now they have nothing.
A los filipinos les encanta merendar
Filipinos are very fond of picnicking.

by fonsucu September 12, 2008
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Filipinos are descendants of the Philippine Islands, an area in the Asian continent. However, Filipinos have little in common with other Asians such as the Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, etc.

Filipinos are Pacific Islanders. They have more in common with the people of the neighboring islands of Samoa, Guam, and Hawaii.
Are Filipinos considered Asian or Pacific Islanders?

They're Pacific Islanders. They have more in common with Samoans, Guamanians, and Hawaiians than they do with Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean people.
by spreadingtruth February 26, 2010
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A person who speaks only in consonants
"I speak fluent Filipino- mkp gsdt lknpx7c"
by xenarthra October 10, 2010
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A bunch of people that quarrel over petty things such as TV Networks.
Filipinos always think that ABS-CBN is better than GMA, or vice-versa. Either way, it's pointless and stupid to argue about stuff like that. Both stations suck, anyway.
by papasmith June 02, 2010
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A type of Asian group. They can go as Asians or Pacfic Islanders. In America, Filipinos can be seen usually as a follower of african-american culture or a prep. The prep instance happens more often. The stereotype that they are wealthy is false. They are just budget-conscious and they get their nice clothes (filipinos love Lacoste with a passion) cheap. Although they may be wealthy, they are very humble people, just not really by appearance. (You see a woman with a Dooney & Bourke purse and a Tommy Hilfiger shirt.) Overall, they are a hard-working people who tend to be successful in life.
Wow, you must be Filipino. Look at your flat nose, and brand-name clothing! TALAGA!
by Jon-jon October 08, 2005
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