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Ok. This is my reply to quiwtp's post for Filipinos. Too clarify, seriously Filipinos are NOTHING like that one kids definition.

Living with a house full of them, here's my opinion.

1.)Filipinos are NOT lazy. They work harder being in a 3 world country, than any of us fat ass Americans. :] And they only reason that kid thinks it takes too long to get anything done is simply they probably just don't want to work with them.

2.)Filipinos don't think ALL foreigners are rich, just Americans. But then again in a 3rd world country, who doesn't think that?!

3.)Their language isn't annoying. English is annoying. Come on people it's everywhere! Tagalog is just a harsher language but hey, there's nothing like it.

4.)Filipino women are not desperate to marry foreigners. Those my friends are a little something we call "gold diggers." Every country has 'em.

5.)Okay, I have to admit, they're pretty prideful. They kind of do think they're better than a lot of other countries.

6.)They're not kids. They just want to have fun. Here in America we work till we die, there motto is somewhat like the "Live free die young" saying. Sorry he has to be too stuck-up to appreciate some real fun.

7.)Their UP is just one if the things they seem to show off more, it's not a big deal, get that stick out of your ass.

8.)How are you going to put THEY ARE SHORT.

Of course they are, they're Asian you ignorant pig.

9.)They are noisy? No. Like I said earlier, their language is just harsher.

10.)Filipinos, like you just put a few points ago, are too proud. So how can you put that they're wanna-be Americans? They're too proud. And the only reason they want their kids in the States, is because America is a land of opportunity,

11.)Once again, you ignorant pig, English is widely spoken and has been for awhile. If you took your head out of your ass you would know that almost every language uses a few English words now and then.

12.)I don't really care what you say about their diet.

13.)The rest is basically gibberish. You are a racist bastard whose words only mean as much on the internet.
Filipinos are from the Phillipines. The End.
by TheAsian<3 January 24, 2008
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