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This is a reply to qiuwtp.

1.Filipinos are very hardworking people.

So many countries would beg to have a Filipino work for them because people people in the U.S have nothing better to do than complain how they're getting fired.


2. TheAsian<3 took care of this for me.

3. Don't piss yourself because you can't learn Filipino's amazing language.

4. it's called a Golddinger mother fucker. Not every Filipino is one.

5. No shit stupid, because Philippines IS better.

6. It isn't the Filipino's fault that they want to have fun.
If you have a fucking problem with that get the fuck out their country and fuck yourself.

7. TheAsian<3 took care of this for me also.

8. Not all Filipinos are short. Get your information straight because aha - your sources were very misinformed.

9. Will you please stop repeating your dumb opinions about the country? Just get the fuck out because you don't deserve to be living in their land.

10. Oh - well is that what you did? Vise Versa? Didn't like your shitty country and decided to marry a Filipino because you can't handle things yourself? Reffering to #1. THEY ARE VERY HARDWORKING.

11. A lot of Filipinos speak English because the U.S. took over Philippines and taught them the language.


12. Yes, Filipinos do eat meat and rice and that is why they don't die of heart attacks and strokes because they are very healthy because and have a perfectly balanced diet.

I apologize if you are that envious of Filipinos qiuwtp.
You are a very racist ignorant asshole and please get the fuck out the Philippines.

Of course they will have rice it's the philippines what the fuck do you expect them to have Cement? Fucking Idiot
grow the fuck up because your just making yourself look bad in front of all these people.
Filipinos are very beautiful people
by BEAH; May 24, 2009

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