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noun: The name for a sex move when a man comes in a woman's mouth, and before she has a chance to swallow, he punches her in the tits causing his semen to exit out her nose. Generally preceded by "the" when used in speech.

transative verb: To subject to a filibuster.
You ever given a girl the Filibuster before?

I filibustered my girlfriend last night, that's why I need you to bail me out!
by Jacques Douchteau February 04, 2010
(v) the act of a man bursting open a herpes sac while performing intercorse with a woman who, most likely caused by whoredom, is infected with herpes
Man 1: Dude, did you get with Jessica last night?
Man 2: Cha, bro, but I think I filibustered that trick. She's fuckin' nasty.
Man 1: You might want to get that checked out.
Man 2: Yeah, prolly do...
by ScaryPoppins March 23, 2010
Someone who prevents sex from happening between two consenting adults. Also known as a cockblocker
My new roommate doesn't have a social life, so she is in the room all the damn time, making her the world's toughest filibuster.
by anoceanofagirl February 01, 2006
When you bust a nut in your prison bitch.
"That fresh meat came up in my cell and I KNEW it was time to lobby for a motherfuckin' filibuster!"
by Ben Crosby October 14, 2007
When you blast off in a chick's mouth until she snorts it out her nose.
I'll obstruct yout legislative process! With my SEMEN!
by Tomicide December 15, 2004
When you blast off in a chick's mouth, until she snorts it out her nose.
My bitch ain't respectin' me, so I strait filibustered her nigga!
by Tomicide November 10, 2004