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a latino with a mullet
lets make a run for the border, meximullet style!
a piece of shit
is that an asspellet on the floor?
by dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prints November 10, 2003
affirmative, to the likeness
thats ed zachary what i was thinking
one hell of a ficticious hockey player.
man, that giezl gazlrov is phony!!
the implied impeding action put forth by another to thwart the attempt to swiftly hammer a vagina
aka: cockblock

that bastard tariq filibustered me for the last time.
A real shithead. No talent.
AKA: Puff Daddy, P. Digits
That Puff Buckets smells like shit. John Bonham will shit on his head
Fikus dreamed a dream for me
it cost me nothing it was free
he dreamed of walking in the sand
of blossoms forming in his hand

of kitchen cake and cedar shakes
of waterfalls and yellow snakes
of earthen dams and hydrofoils
of watching water 'til it boils

of holding forth from singing words
of flying south with flocks of birds
none of this was charged to me
for as I said it was free
fikus is actually a fucking plant
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