A biker who thinks he's hot but really my dinner was hotter than him. This word is only directed to boys, because girls over power the small brain of a boy.
"Wow he's such a Fik"
"I know right! Good use of words"
by Jellow334 August 14, 2011
Top Definition
A slur pertaining to no actual ethnic group, but sounding like it should
Those damn fiks comin' here to 'Murica an' stealin' jobs.
by James Leighman April 07, 2004
fik or f.ik or f.i.k (for those who are extra OCD) is an acronym for sms which stands for "Fuck I know". Usually used when a surprise element precedes the usage of fik.
Mike: "Dude, did you hear that Tammy got pregnant last night."

Twohy: "FIK, it's gonna be her third kid and that chick is only 18."
by JMather June 12, 2011
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