A Fat Nigga or a fat person
Damn look at his rolls, he a figga!
by MilesP January 04, 2008
figga is a fine nigga mainly black or puerto rican.
damn! look at that fine ass figga right there!
by SwEeTs May 10, 2004
a nigga who has cursed his life and always, often and constantly says "fuck"
Be nigga, my friend, don't be so figga. I don't wanna listen to your swear-words
by Andrius lonesome :(((((((( March 13, 2008
female wigga
Girls at Private schools
by KottonMan April 09, 2003
A Philippino girl/woman who acts like a nigga.
"My girl's a damn fine figga"
by Szymn. M August 04, 2006
A fake ass Nigga
All this Figgaz wanna fuck with a real Nigga like me.
by O January 01, 2004

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