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1. cool; awesome; great. Mostly used as a reply in a text message.
2. The number 8.
Example 1: That is some figg ass shit yo.

Example 2:
Friend 1: I'll be over in figg minus three minutes.
Friend 2: Figg
#cool #fig #awesome #great #excellent #wicked #sweet #eight #8
by Figg Guy May 04, 2008
‎'figg-ing' - {future tense} 'to figg' - {past tense} 'figged'

verb used with socially awkward people

1. To unceremoniously disappear unexpectedly in a social environment
2. To miraculously vanish in the company of others
"Fuck's sake. I only looked down at my watch and back and already the cunt managed to do a Figg."

"Keep an eye on that cunt," he said, nodding at Adam. "Make sure he doesn't do a Figg."
#figg #figging #disappearing #boost #boosting #joust
by Confield November 03, 2011
Figgs is short for the words figures & figured.
Look who you got it from, figgs it was a total rip!
by Twitch April 24, 2005
Someone who is wack. A punk ass. A pushover or pussy with no style.
Man look at these kmart-wearin figg ass niggas.
by ian j September 29, 2003
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