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1) A term used in a tight bristolian clique to mean a woman of outstanding beauty

2) The way someone with a thick south african accent would say figaro (which is how the term came about)
"That girls fit"
"Yeah man, she's figalo!"

If one enters a room with alot of attractive women, they might refer to it as a "Figalo Nation"
by Dan Cech March 12, 2007
A term to describe a girl of incredible fitness/beauty

figa= italian for pussy
That gal's figalo!!!
by trombone April 03, 2007
Great big faggot
Pass me the remote! House is coming on and it's full of figalo's

Did you know that dr house is a figalo?

I saw a room full of figalo's watching house the other day, fucking faggots.
by jew rider July 23, 2009

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