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A term to describe a girl of incredible fitness/beauty

figa= italian for pussy
That gal's figalo!!!
by trombone April 03, 2007
11 3
1) A term used in a tight bristolian clique to mean a woman of outstanding beauty

2) The way someone with a thick south african accent would say figaro (which is how the term came about)
"That girls fit"
"Yeah man, she's figalo!"

If one enters a room with alot of attractive women, they might refer to it as a "Figalo Nation"
by Dan Cech March 12, 2007
7 0
Great big faggot
Pass me the remote! House is coming on and it's full of figalo's

Did you know that dr house is a figalo?

I saw a room full of figalo's watching house the other day, fucking faggots.
by jew rider July 23, 2009
5 4