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The Italien Word for PuSSy
Smells Like Figa,,
by RuFus October 13, 2003
182 45
Italian (vulgar) word for hot and sexy woman.
Fuckable woman.
Guarda che figa! (Look at that "figa")
by Hypnotic.Illusion December 11, 2007
513 36
you guys get any figa last night?
by sic_italian July 28, 2003
110 41
A clenched fist usually carved of wood or stone. In Brazilian lore it is said to bring good luck when given as a gift. The gesture was popular during the Brazilian slave trade days as a symbol of strength among the slaves
dude is that a figa or did you get a new toy from the adult store?
by thackmack March 08, 2009
25 27