Fungus Infested Freak, one who rips out their hair, scalp becomes overridden with Ring Worm and Lice. Infected individual loses aprox. 50 I.Q. points. Busts ass as much as possible. Thrives off of fecal matter.
Guy walks down the street, witnesses an individual rolling around in the mud ripping out their hair, screaming and ranting about how they did'nt get their pony for christmas as a kid.

Guy: "Man what the fuck is your problem you FIF?!"
#fif #f.i.f. #fag #bum #freak #fungus #idiot #stupid #fucker #nasty #smelly.
by Doc Roc May 21, 2008
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Fif: means to plead the fifth amendment; to not tell something to someone else because of whatever circumstances.

In the superlative, fif can be written as "fizzif"
Example 1: Rick: "Tell me what happened last night with that hot chick!'
James: "fif"

Example 2: "I plead the fif!"

Example 3: "I can tell you that I plead the fizzif"
by Charlie Murphy June 10, 2004
In French (Eastern Canada), a " fif " is someone who's homosexual or acting like it.
Le féminin de "fif" est "five"
Sti qu'té fif !!!
Té five mon homme !!!
#gay #gué #five #fife #men
by laurent September 26, 2005
low-grade marijuana, shwag, middies, etc. "fifth" or "fifty" also acceptable.
"I don't have much money so let's split a bag of fif and roll the L. Be on the float before long"
#fifth #fifty #shwag #middies #doo-doo
by Yuri Dadinov October 05, 2011
short for 50 cent
-Have you seen 50's new video
-Yeah, fif is crazy
#fif #fifteen #50 #cent #cents #hahah #hahaha #em #patiently waiting #sex tape #bush is pussy
by bush_is_pussy January 13, 2011
The Fifth Amendment.
Uh, I plead the FiF.
by Red Impulse March 05, 2004
Fuck it it's Friday
Your friend offers you one more glass of wine on a Friday evening. You know you shouldn't but FIF (Fuck it, it's Friday).
#bollocks #shit #nevermind #whatever #ignore
by JohnnyQuestisgay November 11, 2011
This is a word used when someone else does something stupid. When the person does something stupid, you put your hand on his/her neck and slide it off fast, or if someone does something really stupid you give them an uber fifs, when you include some fingernail in your fifs and that makes it hurt a little.
That kid just hit his head on a plank of wood. Fifs on him
#fif #fivs #fiv #fist #ownage
by Harry2317 November 24, 2007
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