Someone who likes to embarrass others when their are having a nice conversation with their friend's younger sibling.
"Yea this Israeli girl was a total fiend to me tonight. She totally wrecked my whole evening."
by Draco Malfoy@Hogwarts January 24, 2012
a male or female who relentlessy and incessantly pursues any sort of marijuana to be consumed in any way possible or necessary until there is none left.
You hear about that lookin-ass kid who spends his whole unemployment check on weed? what a fiend man, total slave to the ganj.
by DB Penguinhole May 16, 2010
1. Somebody who doesn't quite do as is generally supposed to, often in a clever or cunning way.

2. Also can be used as an insult for anybody disliked, whether they are fiendish or not.
1. That criminal was very fiendish in stealing the Queen's purse.

2. Some guy I know called Carwyn, he's Welsh/Belgian/Dutch/English. Generally rather moronic.
by Reagrion June 21, 2007
someone who is in general, a tool or a douchebag. Generally they are into anal sex, and are addicted to facebook games
Landon is a fiend.
by lookin93 October 25, 2009
An adjective for a person who is addicted to something...
Joey fiends for Luvmaries pussy even though he will never get it.
by BettyHaHa August 04, 2008
to describe a really really ugly unpleasant person. usually met when you were unwholesomly drunk or out of your mind.
omg, i met this guy last night and today morning, i found out he was a FIEND! ahhh!
by ariee June 11, 2005
1. A fan of the punk rock band The Misfits
2. The skull-like logo for the band, The Misfits
Today I bought a Misfits shirt with a fiend on it.
by Alyssa Fountain September 03, 2005
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