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a) a happy, bubbly, fun, and loving person who always smiles and loves to encourage other people follow their dreams; b) a beautiful girl with an extraordinarily kind heart; c) one hot mama
Person 1: Who's that girl over there that's always smiling and laughing?
Person 2: That's Simona.

Person 1: Wow. We should all be more like Simona!
by BeeLinnie February 05, 2010
A girl thats, funny, amazing, and supercool. Is a very rare person, being a nerd while being incredibly pretty and cute
Perfect Girlfriend Material!
Dude 1: Woah, who's that girl going in to the game store?

Dude 2: Wow, she's cute! She must be a Simona.
by Grimwood108 May 15, 2011
Simone is a female given name derived from Simon, Hebrew Simeon, meaning "one who hears". It first appears in Iberia from the 10th century, as Jimena, Ximena, feminine eponym of Jimeno (Simeon) II of Pamplona, founder of the Jiménez dynasty. Simone itself is the French spelling.

Simone - pronounced see-MAW-ne - is also the Italian spelling of the male given name, Simon; the Italian feminine form is Simona.

Modernly, it is a female name quite used in Portuguese, both in the South-American and in the European variants.

In Romania the feminine form Simona is widely spread whereas the masculine Simon is very rare.
by sinmia June 25, 2009
The word Simona, is a female name. Commonly used in Greek, Italian or other Mediterranean cultures. It is sometimes used to describe a beautiful female. Common characteristics for a female with the name simona, is down to earth,shy, timid, caring, poised, gracious, reserved nature, organized, intelligent, with strong beliefs and well mannered. A Simona are born with strong maternal instincts, and are known to become good wives.
Girl: I wish i was a simona
Guy: that simona is so hot
Girl: The name simona is such a Mediterranean name

Guy: I would like to marry a Simona
by nameinator October 19, 2011
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