When someone is an F'ing idiot but you not in a position to say the "F" word, for example at work, in front of your boss.
My boss is such a fidiot.
by The Evil DD May 14, 2009
Top Definition
A fucking idiot
You are such a fidiot!
by Jeannine March 31, 2003
A fucking idiot, a Fidiot.
Get away from me, you FIDIOT, or, I'm such a fidiot, I don't understand you.
by Steven Cincotta December 04, 2006
People that drive and don't use turn signals, tailgate, and do other rather annoying things along those lines.

People that suck at marching but act like god.
That fidiot almost made me get in an accident!

Agh! So and so made me miss my drill move! What a fidiot!
by Hans le Noir September 25, 2005
Fid E ut ---Fucking Idiot, total reject. A person whom an idiot who think, now there is a real idiot. Dumb ass who has no true meaning on why they have infected the gene pool. One who's daddy should have used a condom. A person who stumps you when you think you have seen it all.
I just got this call from a customer and he wants us to give him another keyboard. His does not have any keys, i asked him to turn it over, Oh he says, never mind. What a Fidiot.
by Skeeter 64 May 21, 2009
Related to Fugly.
Really, Really Stupid
That boy's a total fidiot
by Dragon-Wolf November 01, 2006
Combination of ''Fucking'' & ''Idiot''.You can call someone a "Fucking Idiot'' by using this word. =]
Jim:How many times do I have to say it?! It's impossible to have gooch sweat!

Bob: I was just running a 5k with my team Jim!I'm sweaty.Damn, YOU FIDIOT!
by Gooch-sicles April 01, 2011
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