4 definitions by Jeannine

A fucking idiot
You are such a fidiot!
by Jeannine March 31, 2003
One who likes to suck the salt off the nut shell before eating the nut is a Nut Sucker.
Dont be ashamed to be a Nut Sucker, everyone likes to suck the nut.
by Jeannine January 27, 2006
When a man's pants are fitting too tight and are sitting too high on his waist and he's not wearing underwear.
Look at that HighWaistedSacSeperator Dude...ohh that's not right.
by Jeannine March 31, 2003
1. another werd foe *gas*
2. gas dat came out from d ass
3. another type of letting out gas is from the mouth. see word burp
ima fart on ur face!
by JeAnNiNe January 08, 2003

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