acronym, stands for: Fuck It Dude
many uses. any time you want to say, "fuck it dude" instead say "FID."
by chichihardcore December 23, 2010
v. To drop a duece on the hood of one's vehicle.
I fid Rich because he hit on Stacy.
by Rich February 08, 2005
Fan LId

This game was created by a bunch of hung over people, wanting to kill time. The object of the game is the throw a Lid (preferable a pringles lid) into a fan, trying then to make the lid hit someone else.
"FID is great fun, for all ages... of drunks"
by Alphonse Diago June 28, 2003
Fuck it Den. Used for Shrugging off Rejection. Or Not feeling like dealing with something.
"You dont wanna go to the movies with me, FID. Im not about to wait on you."

-I hate you!!!, FID.
by Charismaticzone July 22, 2009
similar to getting screwed but not in the literal sense of the word.

2. screwed over

3. getting the raw end of the deal

4. a tool used for splicing or working line.
Damn!, I got the dual 4 to 8's It seems I am always getting the fid!

when used in the nautical sense of the word you get the fid when you are getting the wrong end of the deal ie:BOHICA
by nitzboy April 29, 2005
a very small penis
He'll never get laid with his small fid.
by DICKtionary March 19, 2004

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