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An indecisive penis. A penis that cannot stay in one place too long. A promiscuous male.
I don't know why I cheated on her. She was great. Damn this fickle pickle!!
by Andy J. Robertson November 17, 2006
12 22
A young pickle who could never make a decision. He was bullied by other vegetables, and eventually went insane.
"Hey, Elena, do you know fickle pickle?"
"I sure do! He's so fickle!"
by maryyyyyyyyyyyy August 14, 2013
18 0
erectile disfunction
I am tired of his fickle pickle.
by jhagan12 November 16, 2010
4 13
someone who constantly changes his or her mind about certain matters of importance. he or she also proceeds to conduct him or herself in the manner of a dick.
michael was a fickle pickle who had his head stuck up his butt.
by Dianna November 30, 2004
14 24
When the male sausage is not quite hard enough for hole entry.
I kept poking and prodding but I couldn't get my fickle pickle in the pink and especially not in the stink!
by Times Square Karl June 09, 2006
13 27