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(noun) - usually means damn, however it is open to interpretation seeing as it is actually a french word
(verb) - to actively fiche is to not care (again, the actual action of ficheing can be interpreted many different ways depending on its context)
(adj.) - something that displays fiche-like qualities or clearly does not give a damn
1. (as a noun) - Mahdayum really doesn't give a fiche about being on time- she showed up 8 minutes late today.
2. (as a verb) - Meare fiched so hard on that math test yesterday, she got a 33!
3. (as an adjective) - Podge felt the meiosis lab was especially ficheish, so she decided to put it off until monday night.
by donnez-moi le francais, PLOX December 07, 2010
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Can be substituted with the word Guiche. It generally has the same meaning. It is used to mean 'yeah right' or 'as if'. It is a common phrase used by a goivemaster or someone who likes to goive alot of things.
Joe: "Did you get into Oxford Uni Red?"
Red: "Yeah Fiche i did, do i look poor, ethnic, handicapped or gay Joe?"
by M@doG January 10, 2006
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