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Prevalent within death row inmates, a hands-free masturbation device made up of a dirty old sock, vaseline (or toothpaste, if not available) a toilet paper tube (if available), wedged firmly between a matress.
"Hey boy. Bend over. I'm 'bout to jack off with your asshole"
"Man fuck dat...yall needs ta be using yo FIFI, negga!"
972 831
fifi is a latex glove wrapped by a small towell or sock inmates wrap the towell or sock. you can make your fifi tight to simulate a tight pussy by using rubberbands around the towell. insert some cream in the glove maybe some warm water. now just pretend your boning some fine ass chick and hurry before the guards bust you.oh and never use shampoo unless you want your penis to blow up and all your cell mates to laugh at you
fifi,latex glove,sock,towell,cream,tight, pussy
by tony d fresh September 02, 2007
512 432
(v.) The act of making a hole in an item or object and using it as an orifis for sexual pleasure.

(n.) One such whole as used for sexual pleaure; specifically in jails a towel wrapped and held in place with rubber bands then filled with lotion, also possibly warmed beforehand in the shower.
(v.) Mack likes to fi-fi fruits and vegetables.
(n.) Nick was making much fun out of his grapefruit and orange fi-fis.
by E-unit January 20, 2006
42 26
Someone or something that is hot or cool.
Greg you dat fi fi nig.
by jarriXI November 17, 2004
44 35
A hot fun party girl. Similiar to foo foo.
How about we hit some clubs and meet some fi fis?
by MikeWW January 07, 2004
30 21
A phrase originating in Chicago meaning "Fiesta" or party.

Each "Fi" is pronounced like the first syllable of the word "Fiesta"
1. Yo, let's go to Jason's house I heard he was throwing a mad fi fi tonight with thots all up in that bitch.

2. There's a fi fi on the block tonight. Let's go check that shit out bro.
by Kordman916 December 09, 2013
12 10
Pronounced "fee-fee". A slang term for methamphetamine made popular by the slang master of the Yay Area, E-40.
My partner used to be sharp but now he on fifi. What do fifi mean? Methamphetamine. I can't believe it man. He disappointed me. I'm devastated man, he lost cool points with me.
by Blackice19 April 05, 2012
55 65