Final Fantasy Worlds Apart.

A once great internet message board that has since deteriorated into a cesspool of flaming and elitism.

Once all the good posters and fair and impartial admins left the place, it became a shithole where Mike was in charge, mods like Sly were playing favorites, and Boonjam was free to jerk off wherever he wanted.

I haven't been to that site for years and have no plans on coming back to be honest.

FFWA were responsible for 9/11
by pseudoname111111 July 10, 2008
Top Definition
a place where n00bs and elitists combine to form a very dysfunctional online community.
Home of the elusive Boonjam
by Trent February 28, 2005
Final Fantasy Worlds Apart, a website dedicated to the greatness that is Final Fantasy. It is run by Rob, who supports Derby County, and is regularly visited by brilliantly cool people. Oh, and the site itself is pretty good too.
"I'm a member of FF:WA."
by pseudonym February 28, 2005
Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart. This is, without a doubt the greatest gaming site on the internet that I've found since the downfall of XGZ in 2002. A site where we almost always discuss anything but the Final Fantasy series. FFWA is a unique place. You are likely to get in a fight with a member for a moment, and then an hour later you forgive and forget ( like me and Cloud Strife). TIt is also a place where people can insult you and you laugh because of the originality of the insult. Another good thing about FFWA is that it's a message board you always manage to come back to no matter how long you "leave" for.
FFWA, best forums ever.
by AragornElessar March 05, 2008
Great place for FF related stuff!
We dont need assfucks like the people who were complaining here. Fuck you.
by Balls in your mouth June 07, 2004
A website that got completely owned by a member who calls himself "I just lost money"

Other members know him better as RebleYuna. He posted child pornography and people wanted him arrested and thrown in jail.

Lulz worthy. Without knowing it, he is constantly sending out subliminal messages in everything he writes. You may not be paying attention to it when it types, because it sounds retarded, but there will be information left deep inside your brain for future revelations.
ffwa got owned by a single man with the penis of 5 elites. LMAO
by billy-bob zombie August 21, 2009
Overmoderated, uptight forum owned by
Rob, some British dude
I had my thread closed at FFWA again
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
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