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The word Ffion is the welsh name for the plant foxglove.

Foxgloves are remarkably resilient and do not need pamering.
Ffion meaning a resilient female who can take care of her self an still remain gracefull.
Thats girls very independant a real Ffion
by curly wurly girly June 20, 2009
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A fun, bubbly girl who likes to have a good time. She very much likes her booze and when drunk, is unable to control her actions! Alwasy fun to be around.
Person 1 "Did you see Ffion last night?!"

Person 2 "Yeah. She was STEAMING!"
by drunksnail3 May 18, 2010
A really nice, beautiful girl, she's always really caring and will do anything for the people she loves. She enjoys spending time with family and freinds. Shes very childish inside yet she cant get excited for christmas.On a whole she is the most beautiful, nicest, freindliest girl in the world. P.S She Loves Sam's.
Guy 1) Damn that girl is hawt!

Guy 2) She better be, she's a Ffion!
by voldemort's nose January 06, 2014
Intelligent, funny and very pretty (Although she'd never believe it), she's one of the nicest people that you could ever hope to meet and one of the greatest friends you could ever hope to have, despite the constant abuse you'll get (e.g. calling people a "Twatbadger"). She is also a complete hypocrite as, even though she is extremely self-conscious, she hates to hear that others are and will argue with you and tell you that you have nothing to be self-conscious about until the world ends. Her most defining feature is her frizzy hair, which is a constant point of hilarity for her friends, much to her chagrin.

In all, she is a brilliant, selfless friend, who anyone woule be glad to have had the privilege to know
Boy: *Ruffles hair*

Girl: "Fucking Twatbadger"

Boy: "Woah, don't go all Ffion on me"
by Twycross18 March 08, 2014
Ffion is a beautiful and smart girl who loves her friends and family. She is very childish inside but sophisticated sometimes.
She is a great friend and she is always there for them.
Ffion is a Funny and loyal if you see a ffion make sure to be nice she can be moody if she doesn't have food. Ffion's are very sensitive
by CAA135 September 17, 2014
A Ffion. Pronounced (Fee-On) is a creature who enjoys sexual fantasies about gremlins and has been known to occasionally attempt to bite to its own chin. A Ffion spends a lot of time attempting to bite it's own chin as it is a calling sign to any possible mates that the Ffion is ready for action. During "action", a Ffion will cry and eventually resort to cannibalism.
Girl A: Is that a Ffion
Girl B: I don't know. I can't even pronounce her name...

Girl A: Despite the chin biting, she's hot though
Girl B: If only I could say her name.
by MyNameIsJordan November 24, 2011
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