Acronym for the Family Fun Center. Commonly used in Windsor, ON.
I'm heading to the FFC in half an hour.
by --mac November 15, 2007
Top Definition
1. Falling From Chair
2. For Feline Cuteness
<insert random cute cats Youtube video here>

by Ano-2009 February 01, 2009
Final Fantasy Chat an AOL chatroom that started back in late 2001, and is now slowly dying due to the acquisition of LIVES by its inhabitants. the owners are usually retarded and ban people based on an even more dickshit naming convention and have helped add to the agonizing death it is suffering.
Random person walks into the FFC through the door: "Hey guys, FF7 is a v- DADADADADA BAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THATREFRIGERATOR"BANNED
by sir snugalot February 29, 2008
Fishing For Compliments
Jean knows she's beautiful, she's just FFC (fishing for compliments)!
by davendavid April 21, 2015
FFC stands for Fat Fucking Cunt; A word to describe a backstabbing, overweight sloth who craves attention to such an extent that she will sacrifice her friendships and the feelings of others to satisfy her insatiable desires for attention, food, and liquor.

"Dude, watch what you say to that sloth bitch she will betray your trust and tell the world, Damn she is a crazy FFC"
by cupcake lover September 01, 2006
Short for "Fucked Fucked Company". A message board full of refugees from the highly active, but recently shut down FC message board.
Like a typical pussy jewboy, Pud caved to pressure and shut down the FC message board, leaving us no choice but to start up FFC.
by makotoo June 16, 2006
A elite chatroon within AOL that pwns people and causes much disarray with newb scum who like to complain about the chatroom to there friends in places like wal-mart.
"FFC Roxxors your sockzors"
"CAP DOWN!!!!"
by Ragato February 09, 2005
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