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Fat Fucking Ass

Typically used by a FDT (fat depressed teenagers), usually during the endless search for a prom dress.
Mom (to her depressed as hell daughter): Honey, what do you see in that mirror?

Daughter: My FFA!

M: ??

D: I simply don't like it...
by Om319 March 07, 2011
A Female Fat Admirer, or a girl with a preference towards big guys or {BHM}s. And yes, they do exist, and no, a FFA is not the same as a {feeder}. Contrary to popular belief, Fat Admiration is not a fetish, it's no different to a preference for long hair or tall men.
I am an FFA, I like big guys, deal with it.
by Chani K. September 13, 2006
Fast paced randomness! FFA is short for Free For All. A subforum from the game GoalLineBlitz. FFA is known for little rules, trolling and other shenanigans. The FFA Ring of Honor (Hall of Fame of sorts) is about 30 posters deep and has kept going to this day since the game's beginnings.
From the FFA Rap: "Free For All Gon' Give It To Ya"
by Gumboman October 06, 2009
Acronym for "Face Full of Ass". often during sports, usually basketball, the players or managers will be sitting on the bench, when the coach is walking or moving around in front of them. the coach stops with thier ass right in somebody's face. at this point, the person with a face full of as will say "FFA"
Jake: (When the coach steps right in front of his face) FFA!

Spurell: haha that sucks!
by Flacco-is-Jake-the-McCauley January 08, 2011
Future Fatties of America

Someone who looks like he/she will eventually go fat if not already fat or as they say, "curvy".
AN Fuller could be the next chapter president for K-Bay FFA... She has Kankles for pete's sake!
by jaybeeml June 15, 2010
def #1: a F.F.A is a future fuck up of america or
def #2: a F.F.A is also a future fag of america
hay Jeffy you are a F.F.A you are a future fuck up and a future fag what do you no

well joe you are a douche bag
well at lest im not a F.F.A
by i will get you right now January 22, 2010
Female Fat Admirer. A female with a preference/attraction to big guys; see also BHM
"I wonder if this cute gal who *was* eyeing me and is now rubbing my big belly is an FFA? Either I'm a lucky guy or I am being mistaken for a walking, talking fat Buddha."
by Cuddle Bear January 18, 2004