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A mixture between the words 'few' and 'phooey.' Having a general negative disposition and glass half-empty mindset. Can be used as a multiple parts of speech, but is most likely used as an exclamation.
"Damn, she's way too fewy for me; she always looks at things negatively.
by Xavier Sugar June 20, 2011
Disbelief that you have only a few of something.

Slang. Derived from a combination of 'few' and 'phooey'
*Playing Boggle*
Rachael: I got 'fewy'
Phoebe: Fewy isn't a word
Rachael: Yes it is! It means a disbelief that you only have a few of something
Phoebe: You're right! You win!
by DA KROP CREW June 20, 2011