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Main entree in a delicious buffet.
That fetus was delicious, Joe.
by Mark Snicher April 06, 2005
657 514
Justin Bieber.
Justin Bieber is a fetus.
by fuckyeahnickjonas May 16, 2010
222 92
1. a young child/person; but can also be used to refer to anyone younger than yourself
2. someone who acts or looks like a small child
3. someone who is too afraid to do something
4. small
1. "Oh my god, look at those fetuses. They think they're hot shit, but they have a lot to learn."
2. "What does Justin Bieber know about love? He's just a fetus."
3. "Stop being a fetus and dissect the frog."
4. "Look at that cute fetus dog!"
by Rachel_Fro February 01, 2010
147 66
A grotesque looking stage of life for any mammalian creature.
Damn did you see Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire he looked like a fucked up fetus
by fufu berry July 14, 2008
138 76
Ryan Lane
Hey! look over there! it's Fetus!
by BiioHazarrd May 28, 2011
55 28
v. believed to be of Latin origin.

the act of curling up on a couch or bed for hours at a time, occasionally stirring to consume food, drink, or smoke. oftentimes occurs after a particularly stressful engagement or a night of hard partying. although sometimes co-ed, the group is genderless. no judgement is allowed at any time in the room.
"I just bombed that exam. I cannot wait to fetus all day."

"What womb is everybody fetusing in this afternoon?"
by uchicagofetuser22 May 21, 2010
32 24
A parasite. I'm not even insulting anything here, a fetus is naturally a parasite.
Guy 1: So I heard you and Martha are having a baby?
Guy 2: Yup! She just went in for an ultrasound exam, there's definitely a parasite in her!
Guy 1: You mean a fetus?
Guy 2: It's the same exact thing.
by enigmaticepitaph August 23, 2012
53 46