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Someone who has a face so ugly or disfigured that it looks like they have a fetus attached to, or a fetus for a face

Hey, whats up Fetus Face?!?

true story, this lady that works at mcdonalds looks like a fetus face
by 98tadriver March 15, 2008
Nick Brown, or a similar faced person.

Somebody who has a baby face and occasionaly smiles like a small child, or baby, or fetus.

Henceforth, Fetus Face = Nick Brown
ex 1:Hey FETUS FACE!
ex 2: hahahahha, Nick is such a Fetus face.
by lolNickBrownlol March 30, 2011
rocky o'reillys pub in praugue. Oppenheimer play there.
shit, he broke the glass with his fetus face.
by germaynian August 21, 2008