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Someone who has a face so ugly or disfigured that it looks like they have a fetus attached to, or a fetus for a face

Hey, whats up Fetus Face?!?

true story, this lady that works at mcdonalds looks like a fetus face
by 98tadriver March 15, 2008
A person with a face that's so fat and ugly, it looks like they have a FUPA for a face. It's kind of gross if you think about it
jokingly- Hey fupa face. Whats going on?

mad- shut the hell up fupa face!

What's that? you want to get fucked in your fupa face?
by 98tadriver March 15, 2008
1- A game you play with fetuses at the abortion clinic

2.) A skateboard trick that my friend Dean W. does so well.

The trick got its name from being done in the Ocean City NJ Mcdonalds parking lot; Its where the fetus face lady works. Apparently she inspired him or something. True story
Yo Dean What the hell was that trick you just did? "The fetus flip"
by 98tadriver March 16, 2008

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