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While a woman is excreting a new born through her vaginal wall a man will thrust his genitalia into the soft skull of the new born just as it crowns. The man will continue his thrusting until he reaches his highest of ecstasy. he will then release his proto children into the chasm of what is left of the child’s cranium, all while every party member involved are releasing their rectal waste (including the camera-man). In order to perform properly the infant must not be allowed to fully leave the vajayjay until the very end.

Commonly abbreviated as (the 4F's)
I hear that malisa is in her 2nd trimester i think i might ask if i can do the 4f's to her

shit dude i saw a girl doing a FECAL FETUS FACE FUCK on the internet yesterday it was soooooooooo smexy

hey whatever you do don't get an abortion there’s allot of guys that will pay allot of money to do the 4F's
by EL_CHRISTO72 April 05, 2010

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