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Can also be used as an adverb.
You fetching fetcher.

This is so fetching disgusting!

Your mom is fetching awesome!

by Moesha February 15, 2005
1. a generally despicable person

2. a person who receives a lucky break/opportunity that you were hoping for

3. a single member of the notoriously unsuccessful boy-band "The Fetchers" from Wendover, NV
1. "Nate just ratted me out. What a fetcher!"

2. "I can't believe that fetcher got a star-lightning combo on the last track of Bowser's Castle."

3. "I heard the Fetchers broke up. I heard the short fetcher likes gay servicemen."
by Mudskins July 20, 2006
Fetcher is a common insult from the early 16th century. It means bitch.
An example yould be 'You Fetcher.' Or 'Son of a Fetcher.'
by Martin Jones. July 21, 2006
Another word to use as an insult. Related words: Loser, Idiot, Poopface, ect.
Shut your face fetcher!

Your such a fetcher!

You little fetcher.

Eat poop fetcher
by Moesha February 15, 2005