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1.queen of all hoes

damn i wish i was a feryal
by FERYAL July 23, 2004

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homosexual nerd pop lover retard the prep
1.the flirt(n)
2.someone who's been raised up with boys, usually with an unidentified gender(n)
3. the geek
4. a person whose so interested in studiying

5.to beat someone up
6.to make fun of

7. the act of listingi to pop musiv and totaly hating on rock and alternative
8. the act of being unbelievably selfeish!

bob: did you talk with juliette yet???
jamison: yeah i called her last night seemed to me like a feryal!!!

(man i'm so gonna feryal him tommorow!!)

( man she never stopped listing to pop, but when i suddenly put rock she ran out of the room. she must be feryaling around )

( she being such a feryalish un believable perosm!!)
by school_hater_4ever March 29, 2009