1. a cooler sounding synonym for technology, especially that made by mankind
2. magic that manipulates iron or steel (sometimes any metal)
3. using iron or similar metal in order to divine truths, secrets, or the future
1. Dude, put away the ferromancy - this is a place to commune with nature.
2. If only magic was real and I was some kind of ferromancer, because then I could do something about this rusty sculpture embedded in my flowerbed.
3. Look, unless you've known ferromancy all this time and weren't telling us, I don't think staring with your face an inch away from that castiron skillet is going to tell you anything about it.
by Liverfart May 12, 2010
magic that has to do with manipulation of metal
He used ferromancy to build the shelter.
by Morgan Madding April 30, 2008

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