1) Red faced observer of stop watches.
2) Smug, arrogant pompous scot
1) To get so mad you throw the nearest thing you see at the nearest person you see
Looks like fergie is playing mind games again

He threw a right fergie when the referee blew up 20 seconds early
by Henry Lartey February 15, 2004
Something awesome but ruined by one tragic flaw.
Fergie's awesome body is countered by Fergie's tragic face; thus her face is her Fergie.
by Maurice tacobell July 03, 2011
Name derived from the rioters and looters from Ferguson, Missouri. Especially men of color. Can be used day to day to describe ignorant black people.
Paul: Yo Keyshawn! You go to work today? Keyshawn: Nah man I'm tired! Paul: damn man your such a Fergie!
by Wiseguy69 February 24, 2015
A certain creature, native to south africa, who is ridiculously lazy, stoned almost all the time, sleepy no matter how rested, incredibly hard to understand when spoken to, and has hooked up with many ugly ass chicks. Rare, but when found, should be treasured, no matter how stupid.
Bro- "Dude, you failed your math test, you're about to take a nap, and you're ridiculously stoned? You've out fergied yourself."

Fergie- "I just rolled the nicest J, man."
by Ghetto Titties December 04, 2011
1.The nickname of singer/actress Stacey Ferguson, best known as the lead singer of the group Black Eyed Peas. Former child actress who starred in "Kids Incorperated," and went on to be 1/3 of the girl pop group "Wild Orchid". Had a supporting role in the film "Poseidon".

2.The nickname of Sarah Ferguson, British royal.
"Fergie is the best part of the Black Eyed Peas."
by James E. Bradford June 25, 2006
Corrupt and a massive cheat. He remote-controls opponents, referees and governing bodies. Never honestly won a single trophy, Howard Wilkinson has won more league titles legally and legitimately without cheating. Piss-scared of King Kenny and the mighty LFC.
"Slurguson, Ferguson, Fergie, give everyone else a chance, please. Stop your corruption, stop remote-controlling Howard Webb".
by baaabykillah June 15, 2011
Street slang for Cocaine. In reference to being white and ghetto. Also could be used for crack.
Man, I got some flame-ass Fergie last night. We all got hella zooted!
by skercookindub April 04, 2011
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