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A ferg, or fergs, is a term used for the many students that attend the very wealthy John A. Ferguson Senior High School in Miami, FL. Fergs usually travel in packs of numerous amounts and are usually found around the Ferguson area. Many of the male fergs claim they are "gangster" and "tough" despite they live in the west kendall region and are afraid of their mothers chancleta when they get home. As far as female fergs go, they don't wear anything that isn't a popular brand name and travel with the male fergs as their "bitches" or "hoes". Thus, fergs are just generally an embarassment to the entire Miami Dade County population.
1. Ew, this place is infested with fergs!
2. Sally, stop acting like a chonga, you are nothing but a ferg!
3. Look at those fergs.. they think they're so cool.
by ferg hater 305 November 10, 2006
the coolest and harriest person you'll ever meet. Someone who always gets the hottest chicks and fucks them all before anyone can get a hold of them. Someone who also has all the hook ups and shit you need.
"yo, that was cool."
"no, that was ferg."
"your such a pimp."
"yea, stop bein so ferg-like."
by snufalufagis June 19, 2006
Pimp with the most
Damn you Ferg all the hoe's
by Caseysmom March 24, 2004
to knock a woman out and have sex with her
That bitch wouldnt go down on me so i ferged her.
by magicmark333 January 24, 2010
Verb- 1)To mess something up, to due something inconceivable
2)Passive- To get ferged: To be arrested, punished, or disciplined in some fashion for something outrageous you did.
3) To make a deposit in a cumdumpster.
See cumdumpster for more details.
"This is your warning. If i catch you doing this again I'll have to FERG you."
"Man you you really FERGED that up."
"Get a couple of beers in her and you can FERG her for sure."
by J. M. April 20, 2005
Another word for how one presents them self. Originating from the famous pop artist, Fergie, also a step up from one's "swag". Mainly used by people who have realized that "swag" is an extremely over-used term.

Basically, with the same roots as swag, it is either a persons demeanor, or can also be used to state how much "ferg" a person really has.
Roy has incredible ferg, hes got women all over him!

Stevens ferg is off da chain!
by KHelluh August 07, 2011
An unreasonable purchase.
An unfair trade or deal.
Hey man, can you climb the roof to get that?
Ah man, I always get ferged like this

I will trade you my computer for your book.
Man, why you trying to ferg me?
by Kaitlan Maloney March 05, 2009
To get up and throw a bullpen.
Moss got up to throw a Ferg, but once again, never got in the game.
by C-Walk April 28, 2006